Friday, August 31, 2007

zuchini erisseri

Recipe follows:
Take a medium size Zuchini.Cut them in to small cubes and let it cook with water enough to cover it and a pinch of turmeric.When its half done,add crushed garlic,cumin seeds and green chili.Stir well and let it cook.Add some dry coconut powder(if you are using fresh coconut,thats fine too).When its cooked and the water is almost gone,add salt and mash it with a spoon.It doesnt have to be too smooth.
Now heat some oil in a pan (coconut oil is the best) and add mustard seeds,red dry chilis and urud dal,for seasing.When they are ready, reduce the heat to the lowest and add freshly grated coconut(2 table spoons would be enough.).Let it fry til they turn brown.Pour this on top of cooked zuchini and ERISSERI is ready:)

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Jeena said...

Nice pictures Meera can't wait to see the recipe. :)