Thursday, May 3, 2007

Chakk Ada- for JFI event

Thank you bee and jai ( for this jack fruit -JFI:) .
This is one of my favorite’s. Never bought canned jackfruit before as I thought It can never give me the real taste. But decided to give it a try for the first time. So I went to this Vietnamese store and asked the owner and she pointed to a shelf where I saw this jack fruit in cans. She also said there is frozen jack fruit, I didn’t like it.

So this is my recipe for the JFI- of May.

Chakka Ada.

Take two cans of jack fruit .After opening it wash in cold water and drain it. Chop them finely. If you want you can run this a couple of times in mixie,after chopping it.
Take one and a half cup (or according to how much rice flour you are taking),of freshly grated coconut(dried coconut in packets are also fine).
Take two cups of rice flour.
Take equal amount of jaggery, crush them finely and mix with coconut. Add a pinch or two of dried ginger in this.
Take a cup of warm water. Add salt according to your taste in this. Sprinkle this water in the rice flour and make a dough. It shouldn’t be watery, almost like chappathy dough.
Take banana leaves. Cut it in to small sizes. Spread this rice dough evenly on that. If its sticky and comes off the leaf ,dip your fingers in water and do it. After spreading evenly, fill it with coconut jaggery mix. Bring one end of the leaf to the other side and close it. Repeat with the rest of the dough.
If you are using an idly vessel put them in the flat separator plate and steam cook for about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes there would be parts of thick dough here and there,so let it cook well.

Once its done, take it off the plate and put on a bigger tray. Let it cool. Once its cooled down, take off the leaf and have it:)

You can also do this in a different way. Mix all the ingredients together and spread it on banana leaves and steam.

If you don’t have banana leaves you can use aluminum foil.
Or you can make kozhukatta with it. Make small balls out of the dough and fill it with the coconut jaggery mix and steam it.


Reena said...

beens, you are the first one. yummy ada!! you need to link it to bee's site, dear.

bee said...

hey, that was quick and fabulous. thank you.

Meera's Blog said...

reenie,other than mangoes,this is the only fruit i loveeeeeeeeeeeee.

i hope i send it the right way:)

Samantha said...

Wow do you really make all of this food each day? I'm going to move next door to you!

Ayesha Seerin said...

Thats a lot of work..
The recipe is great ...

Meera's Blog said...

samantha,can i start searching for a home nearby?;)

ayesha!!the whole thing will take less than 15 min i guess.the only real work is getting jaggery crushed.:)

Ranjani said...

seriously , if i were ur neighbour , i would never cook ..
u have awesome recipes & pics:)

Meera's Blog said...

u know what ranjani?i feel the same way when i visit these girls's blogs-asha,bharathy,seena,ayesha,richa,reenie,bee ,inji,indira,
ranjani(mainly for her pics;)etc etc.
they are simply awsome girls with, out of the world recipes!!hats off to all of you girls.i did not put all the other names as i am still getting used to the visiting part:)

Bharathy. said...

Fantastic work Meera!...such an advance and prompt enry for JFI with the finest of!i was thinking of this you are way ahead and smarter:)!!

Love chakka ada!

Seena said...

hey Meera,
what's the beens? saw Reena called u so..remembered my childhood seeing chakka ada..there are many using trying to get some here..ok, keep coming out more recipes..

Asha said...

Meera,thanks for the info about where to get Jack fruit girl.Got to look in the Vietnamese stores!!

Ada looks fabulous,never tasted though.They do make something like this in Mangalore:))Thanks Meera.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Its a new recipe.... lovely one...

Meera's Blog said...

bharathy:)come on,this is an easy recipe,meant for me;)i am looking for something new from you:)i am someone who has no new ideas when it comes to food >:'(

seena,thats my nick/pet name:)

asha,vietnamese store has even frozen jackfruits.
looking for something awsome, from you girls:)

sukanya,thank u:)

Prajusha said...

hi meera,
chakka Ada is my favourite.Nice Pics.

Roopa said...

yummy Ada Meera! we call this Genesale or kadabu. looks delicious. great entry!