Sunday, May 6, 2007

simple and easy.

An escape from everyday tea time snacks:)kappa,mulak chammanthy and just to sooth the burning tongue, a few pieces of mangoes.

Put tapioca pieces in a vessel with enough water to cover it.Once it starts boiling take it off the stove and drain the water.Return to stove with fresh water and cook,adding salt.After its cooked well,drain water and its ready to eat.It would taste better if you can season it with mustard seeds, freshly grated coconut and a couple of red chilies.

Mulak chammanthy needs green chilies,shallots and salt. Run a couple of seconds in mixie/chopper and add coconut oil. If its too hot add some tamarind juice.

My son likes it the Trivandrum style:)iIwill post it next.


bee said...

made boiled kappa last week. both of us love it. a question. why do we need to drain it once and boil it again? even my mom used to do it, but i don't know the reason.

Meera's Blog said...

the reason is, sometimes there could be a bitter taste in some kappa,that could make you just to be on the safer side,after boiling it you need to drain the water.
we call it-kattukappa.some people say if the tender leaves of those kappa is eaten by baby cows(?)it could be fatal.

Reena said...

oh!! i didn't know that. if kappa tastes bitter i just throw it. useful infor beens.

Meera's Blog said...

reenie,ys i love kappa too.if the kappa is white/off white/yellow with no black streaks it should be just need to boil it with water two times,drain two times.after draining two times check it,if its still bitter,throw it out:)