Monday, May 7, 2007

tea cake:)

When I think about tea cakes what comes to my mind is the Eastern bakery in Trivandrum. I remember, they used to have the best freshly made bread I have ever tasted. If you go there at around 3 pm, you can get the still warm, soft bread. It would be difficult, even to cut it, since it’s very very soft. I also buy the Amul butter to go with that:),that lil girl in her color full dotted dress is still fresh in my mind.
Another thing is their tea cakes. It is a small piece of cake covered like a candy in transparent paper. Even now they have it, but I don’t know, sometimes I feel it lacks the old taste!! .They still have the same kind of bread, but now a days they sell it in plastic covering just like any other breads. But whenever I go I insist on having it wrapped in bakery paper;),they say it’s the same but I feel they are not the same;). Every time I go to Trivandrum I would visit this bakery at least one time and buy this bread too. Sometimes I may forget that I bought this bread and have to throw away after two days, since I would be keeping them outside! I don’t like to keep them in fridge<;( Still I have to buy it every time. Now even my son loves this bread:)he likes this with milk:)


Asha said...

Sounds delicious Meera:))

Seena said...

future chef? very nice..

Meera's Blog said...

hehe nah,he hates cooking.but sometimes wants to make wiered things like,he made a drink with milk,garam masala,tea,chocolate,salt,pepper powder and a few more things.wanted me to taste it but told him,if he can eat a piece of onion(he hates it)i will try his drink.;)