Friday, May 11, 2007

Coconut dosa

Coconut dosa

My son and I, we both love this dosa:). But won’t be able to make this often as the right type of coconut won’t be available all the time.

You need fresh coconut for this .The coconut should be in between tender coconut and mature coconut. The inside won’t be too jelly like or too hard like a regular coconut. Sometimes when you open a coconut you would get this soft type of coconut and that’s the best to make this dosa. This type of coconut won’t be that good to make curries.

1 cup of coconut. Grind coconut- not too smoothly .It would be nice to have some small pieces of coconut when you eat this dosa:) . Add this to 1 and ¼ cups of plain rice flour. Mix well with water. Add enough salt to your taste. Make a slightly thicker batter.

Just make dosas like you make regular dosa. You can eat it just like that or with any curry that you would normally have with dosa. Make sure the dosas are well cooked on both sides. It would taste better if you make slightly thicker dosas with this batter.


Reena said...

never even heard of this one. hmm.....does it taste like appam because of coconut? or is it neer dosai the ones konkanis make?

Meera's Blog said...

i had a friend who has acres of coconut when its time for them to pluck the coconuts:),they get lots of this type of coconuts.and they make this dosa on that day.thats how i learned it.the more coconut you add the tastier it becomes.nothing like appam.a different taste.
when you go home,ask mom when she gets-vadiya thenga-to make this:)