Monday, May 7, 2007

Tea cake:)

My husband loves the Christmas cake we get in Kerala. I think it’s almost the same as plum cake. I love the icing on that a lot. I was looking for that cake recipe and a friend gave me that recipe. I did not follow it exactly .I made a few changes. Once I make this I don’t have to worry about tea time snack for a week .A piece of this and tea is all he needs:)
This is the way I make it.

One cup flour.

½ stick butter/margarine (I use 100 %corn oil stick)

Recipe calls for using one stick-1/2 cup, but I use half a stick.

½ tea spoon baking powder

½ tea spoon baking soda

2 eggs

¾ cup sugar

Caramelized sugar-about a table spoon

¼ teaspoon nutmeg and cinnamon powder

Salt a pinch

Lemon juice-1/4 tea spoon

Milk- take ¼ cup, you may not have to use the whole milk.

Raisins-a pack

Vanilla essence- ¼ teaspoon.

Melt butter. Add sugar in to this and beat well. Then add eggs one by one. Beat well. Scrape the sides when you beat. Add vanilla essence.

In a bowl, take flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon powder, nutmeg and salt. Mix well.

Heat oven at 350.

Add this flour mix in to the above butter mix and beat well. Add raisin, caramel and lemon juice. Mix well. Add table spoon milk at first. Add more only if you think the batter is very thick. You should be able to pour that in to the pan.

Grease and flour cake pan (I don’t use the round pan).pour this cake mix in to this pan and gently tap the pan a couple of times on the counter, to get the mix evenly.
Bake this for 35-45 minutes, or when you check with tooth pick it should come out clean. Cool it on a wire rack. I cover it lightly with a paper towel. Once its half cooled cut them in to pieces and put them I air tight container. Place a paper towel on top of the container till its cooled completely. Then close it with lid. It can stay fresh up to a week outside. The longer it stays out side the better it tastes. But make sure it doesn’t have any white spots after a couple of days. If it has, then throw it away. You can also keep it in fridge but take it out to get room temperature before you have it.

How I make caramel-

Heat a pan and add ½ cup sugar in it. Keep stirring until it starts melting and then foams come. Then the foam will start disappearing .reduce heat and add hot water (almost 1.2 cup).keep your face away when you do that. In crease heat and stir a couple more minutes. Switch off the stove. Use it when this is totally cooled down.
If there is any left over keep it in fridge.


Ayesha Seerin said...

It does look like plum cakes ..
I can have the cake right now ..
Its so tempting ..
Thanks for the recipe

Meera's Blog said...

hey,ayesha,iam checking everyday for the pav bhaji recipe:)
okie you can have a piece of that cake:)

Reena said...

beens, v likes those cakes too which my mom bakes with rum ;);). i am the only one who wants icing on cake :).

Meera's Blog said...

yaa me too dont like that cake much,but always loved those icings:)used to keep it safe and eat alone;)

kuttani said...

Recently found your beautiful blog.I tried your tea cake & it was delicious. as per your recipe i baked for 37mts but unfortunately it was bit crusty either side.let me know why it happened before i try again & which size pan u used?

meera said...

hi kuttani,
sorry i couldnt reply earlier.

try baking it for 25 minutes and check if the inside is cooked,if not let it be for 5/10 minutes more.i dont remember the size of the pan!! sorry.its not too big,or too small.
thanks for visiting the site.