Sunday, May 6, 2007

silly baking

Some days I will be in a mood for non stop cooking. So this Saturday after cooking for lunch, making one more additional curry ! ,I baked our regular tea time cake. I baked chocolate chip cookies for son. After that I made pastry puffs and then thinking what if they come out bad, I made pie crust to try it differently. I hate those days when I feel this way. I just need to cook, cook and cook. It’s crazy. If the results are bad then the whole day is gone!!

Ever since I saw the spinach spiral recipes in the JFI event by Sunitha and Manisha, I wanted to make it. I thought why not make pastry sheet too. Couldn’t bake pastry sheet but ended up making pastry puffs .I got the recipe from

½ cup butter

1 cup boiling water

1 cup pre sifted flour

¼ salts

4 eggs

Let butter and water boil in a pan. Once it starts boiling, take it off the stove and add flour and salt. Mix well. It will form a ball. Add eggs in to this one by one and beat well. Keep on stirring until you get smooth dough. Spoon this on to un greased cookie sheet and bake at 350-

35 to 40 minutes, until they are golden brown. They will double in size.

But when I made it I forgot how much time I needed to bake it, so I took it out when they started getting golden and their size was doubled. But soon the puffs became smaller. So I left it at that and decided to make pie crust to make this spinach spirals:)

The pie crust recipe I have is given to me by my friend, who introduced me to the world of baking. With 95% of her help I baked my first apple pie and zucchini cake about 5 -6 years back I guess.

Will post the pie crust recipe I make, in another posting.

Oh I am off the track. Ok, after I made pie crust dough ,I rolled it out as big as I could. Then filled it with spinach leaves. Took a few Kraft singles cheese and put them on top of spinach. Then I rolled it and cut them in to pieces. Then I baked these pieces in greased baking sheet. Baked till the crust was slightly brown. Result was not bad:)

After this I thought let me do something with the pastry puffs. I cut one puff in to two and filled it with shredded Kraft singles and closed it with the other half. Baked for about ten minutes. I liked this one better than the first one:)
It was fun doing this.


Ayesha Seerin said...

Wow ... u really did some crazy cooking :-) .. I cant imagine doing so much stuff the same day .. wonderful job .. Thanks for the pastry recipe

Asha said...

HeHe!!Hello sister!!;D
I do that too sometime and run out of space in the fridge to keep the goodies.
Have fun,enjoy it and they looks great.I bet your son is happy,right?

bee said...

RSS feed. why is it not working again? keep cooking girl. i love to drool here.

Meera's Blog said...

ayesha,its hard but sometimes u dont have control over it;_)

wow,asha,glad to know there are others too who does this:)thanks for letting me know sis;)
son liked only CCcookies.'cheesethingy'he didnt like,i ended up eating them:(thank god i only made 3!!

bee,L needs a kick on his butt i guess,if RSS isnt working!

DEEPA said...

yeah ...sometimes it happens ..Good you tried out something which came out well ...

Meera's Blog said...

ayesha,pls post the pav bhaji recipe:)its sooo temtping:)

Meera's Blog said...

ys deepa,iam glad it came out okay:)

sunita said...

Well done for trying it out...

Reena said...

beensy, your updates are not coming yet. kick L :)):)) for not helping you with rss feed.

you are on cooking frenzy now be a good girl and send all those items to me. you always promise but never send it :((:((

Meera's Blog said...

it wasnt really fun sunita:)

reenie baby:)i will send one day,promise:)but pls pls send me some bhel puri ???its sooo soo soo good. hey i saw the links to putt:)thankuuuuuuuuu:)

Ranjani said...

i'm tired just hearing abt u cooking so much ! lucky L & A ;)