Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Food for the thought:)

Thought i should share this link.I felt so proud of these ladies.When i see serials with women 24/7 crying and blowing nose,talking about- this is our fate,we are women,we are helpless etc ..

This picture is a breath of fresh air:)Scroll down to see it.


Asha said...

Meera,that is sooooo coooool!!::))))

They are just so beautiful in every way.I would have been a cool soldier,got caught up in the war called life!!!!;D

It's great to see these strong women,good luck to them.WOW!!

Meera's Blog said...
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Meera's Blog said...

asha:)we are all lil soldiers in our own way,right?:)shouting,yelling,scaring,intimidating,what not..we do this every single day:)thanks to the little ones and bigger ones at home!we have a war zone sometimes even inside our own home!

Ranjani said...

nice pics ..will fwd this to friends..