Saturday, April 21, 2007


The story how I got this recipe goes like this:

We were watching the Vishu program and there was this program about Kalabhavan Mani. A very good actor. He was showing how they make chicken curry in their part of the world. Watching that my husband said it looks so tasty .I thought let me give it a try! He did not give any quantities of ingredients. The program ended in the middle of an advertisement. But I got the main part. So thanks to Kalabhavan Mani for thisJsince I couldn’t see the whole program, I had to do the rest according to my imaginationJ

For one lb chicken use at least 3 big onions. Slice very thinly.

Lots of ginger and garlic sliced thinly.

One or two green chili sliced in two.
Mix all this well with your hands.

Add some cinnamon powder. Add masala powder, pepper powder, chicken masala powder, red chili powder, turmeric and very little coriander powder. Pour coconut oil in the middle of this and add salt. Mix well again. Make sure you mix well. I put half a pack of chicken masala for this, and add other powders to match thatJit will be really hot. Now add chicken pieces. Mix well with your hands. You will get a sweet smell. Now cook in medium heat. I did not see if he added water to this, but I added half a cup of hot water anyways. Make sure you take a bigger vessel to cook this. Stir often. I did not cover it with a lid because I did not have a big lip t cover my big uruliJkeep stirring every now and then till the gravy thicken. Add some more oil if you need. Keep on stirring. I let it cook for a little more than 30 minutes this way. The end result was the best chicken fry/curry I ever made.

I gave up on making chicken curry as it never came out dark red or almost black like some people makes. I used to envy those peopleJ,not anymoreJ .Then I got an easy recipe from Jen, my friend .That was the only chicken curry I made until now.


Reena said...

so you finally got that dark brown color:)). if you add coconut milk then wou won't get dark color sometimes. another thing you can do is to roast all masalas and marinate chicken. this way too chicken gravy turns dark.

Meera's Blog said...

hmm,i found that adding coconut milk changes the color,the hard earned dark color in a second!!