Sunday, April 1, 2007


I will post the recipe that’s the easiest one, to begin with:).My favorite- Urulakizhangu Mezhukupuratti,i feel unfair to call it potato fry!!This is the way i make it:Cut potatoes not too thin not too thick. Not too long not too short:)Heat oil. Add these potatoes in it, add red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt and mix it. Cover for a few minutes and then open it. Keep stirring till it’s done. Add chili powder or pepper powder if you need it be more hot or if needed add salt. If i feel like giving Boss a treat i will add onions too;)he loves onions in this .Cooking is over:).I make Carrots,Beets,Cabbage and Cauliflower in the same way too.Now, whenever i make this, I also make Thenga chammanthy(fresh coconut dry chutney).I just add coconut, a little puli (tamarind)a little ginger, ulli(onion),chili powder or red chilies, salt and little water. Grind it well. This is ready too.There should be either fish curry or theeyal to go with these. If there is theeyal then i will make omlet. If there is fish curry then no theeyal and omlet:)I love this combination. It goes well with hot rice.Talking about this reminds me of how much I love POTHICHOR.Whenever we travel by train, we take pothichor with us, just rice and curries packed in banana leaf.Even the thought of it makes my mouth water. There would be certain items in it that’s a must.1)There is a chammanthy podi (made with roasted coconut in a special way),or red thick chammanthy,tomato fry, kadu manga achar(tender mango pickle),omlet. Sometimes Boss wants to have fried fish, so there will be a big piece of fried fish too. Last time when we went to Madras, we all had this for dinner. As soon as the train started moving, I wanted to open it and eat!! It was only a little after 2 pm and we all had lunch a little less than an hour before. It was hard for me to wait till it was 7 to have it. My mil makes the best pothichor i ever had:)

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lekshmy said...

Urulakkizhangu mezhukkupuratty is so sweet. U can make Chena also for this mezhukkupuratty