Sunday, April 8, 2007


The way i make easter appam is very easy.
Grounded coconut - one cup (fresh coconut.)
Rice flour - one and a half cup
Yeast - 1/2 to 3/4 tea spoon
One cup luke warm water
Sugar - one table spoon
Add yeast in luke warm water and add sugar in that.Mix well and keep it till form/bubbles come.
Mix coconut and rice flour and add this yeast mix in it and mix well.Dont add too much water,add only enough water to make a thick batter.(use luke warm water to mix,this helps fermenting easily).
Keep it in a container and close the lid.Keep it over night.The next day,it should be fermented.
Add enough water to make a batter almost like idly.Not too thick not too thin.Add sugar and powdered cardomom(add as much sugar as you want,this appam tastes better if its sweet,but not too sweet like payasam).I add about 4 table spoons of sugar.Check to make sure if you need more.Add a pinch of salt.
Grease a steel plate.(it should fit inside your idly cooker).Fill about half the plate with batter.Decorate with fried cashews and raisins.Steam cook,for about 20 mintutes.Take it out and let it cool,while it cools cover it lightly with paper towel.Make another one.By the time the second one is done,the first one would be cooled enough to take out from the plate and ready to eat:)


Reena said...

me going to try kallappam soon. shari aayillengil meerayude karyam pokaaaaaa:)):)):))

Meera's Blog said...

oyyoo,virattathe!!!karthave seri akane!!!

Reena said...

Karthavinem...Bharthavinem vilichittu karyam illa kutty. Kallappam shari aayillengil suttiduven. :)):))

Haha!! I can't believe I just wrote that.

Meera's Blog said...

eendii,unaku ivalo dhairyam iruntha nee ippidi pesuven??enkitte??na than nagavalli,thiriyuma???

Reena said...

oru muraii vanthu paartthaya..

thom thom thom......

meera said...

neee oru murai vanthu parthayaaaaaaaaaa.

Ann said...

I was looking for appam recipe to make this sunday.. glad I found thie recipe here.. Thanks for sharing. I am surely going to make this one!

Beautiful Kerala said...

hi, thanks dear. tomorrow is mounty thursday and i was looking for the recipe. very simply written. thanks once again

Harinarayan m said...

Thankz for beautiful and delicious easter.....