Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This blooms only at night,a rare sight:)


Bharathy. said...

Thanx for your comments,meera...good to see another malayalee blog start up...
You are updating quite well.
Nice to see nisagandhi and kani konna...I love those yellow flowers..
So You Live in the U.S??
Will look out for more!
P.S-Dont remind me of kerala ..me too missing terribly:(..
All the best!

Meera's Blog said...

Thanks bharathy:)Ys i live in US too.Looking forward or rather counting the days to go back to Kerala:)I promise i wont remind you of kerala anymore:)
Good job with your work too,i liked your blog.Good luck:)
At first i didnt know what a blog was,then with the help of my friends i started two:)!!One for travel and one for food,i must be nuts:)

Reena said...

beens, that flower looks so good. you have it here? wow!! i think this is called rajnigandha in hindi.

Meera's Blog said...

no reenie:)i dont have it here,only back at home:)

trupti said...

Lovely flower indeed, what does it smell like?

Meera's Blog said...

hmm now how do i explain that frangrance:)its realy sweet.

Articles by Abraham Tharakan said...

The photographs of 'nisagandhi' are excellent. The recipe part looks interesting.
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Abraham Tharakan.

mambullyrajeev said...

hai Meera bai, Iam Rajeev from Palakkad...Really nice ur site & useful also.
Thankx for good Effort..
wishing all
with Lv
Rajeev Balakrishnan

sivadas said...

Hi, I also have some photographs of nisagandhi... I will send it to u later

Yoonus said...

Dear friend
iread your story from mathrbhumi news papetr