Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Old is Gold and Pazhacake recipe:)

I am talking about old is gold.
I don’t consider all old things are gold. But there are a few things I just love, fascinated with, obsessed with.
I love old movies. When I watch a new movie it doesn’t stay in my mind after the movie is over. But the old movies has more life in it, more emotions in it and I feel more realistic. Even though people might say the acting is sometimes a bit over or even artificial I still find them interesting.
I loved watching Pather Panchali,Appu,Aparajitho etc. The Bengali actresses are beautiful. I don’t get bored watching them.
I like old Hindi movies too. Whenever I think about it, this song scene comes to my mind–
Pyaar huwa iqraar huwa hai, pyaar se phir kyu darta hai dil Raj Kapoor singing in shree420.
Also the old songs that my father used to sing to me like-jalthe he jiskeliye ,….
Tuute hue kvaabon-madhumathi
Saranga theri yaad me etc etc.
I never get bored of these precious songs. I remember waiting for the Hindi movies in Doordarshan.
We both love old Malayalam movies, especially Nazir ,Sathyan etc .Those black and white movies has their own charm. We saw the old movie ‘puzha’ recently. Somehow we can relate to those movies. When I was a child we used to go visiting my grandparents houses during summer time. At one house I remember the dimly lit bulbs at night. Hardly brighter than a candle. And at another house, there was no electricity. Only oil lamps. Everybody would have dinner very early, goes to sleep early too. I remember looking at the shadows flickering on the wall when I try to sleep.
We used to get ‘Velleppam’ for breakfast. There was this ‘umma’ who used to make them in the mornings. Never tasted anything that good after that.
So when I watch those black and white movies, I can relate to that time and life easily. The life I saw around was very ordinary and very down to earth people .

Another thing that I love is old houses. I like new houses too but love to see pictures of old houses more. It’s like they hold a lot of secrets within those walls. Some houses has the well attached to the kitchen, I just love those type f houses.

Oh talking about all those I am going to write the recipe for the snack ‘pazhacake’.I don’t think you can get that in any hotels.But you can still find them in small teashops, with a couple of benches and desks and a glass shelf with snacks in them.

Recipe for Pazhacake

Take 2 or 3 very ripe bananas. Grind them well and add the seeds of a cardamom while grinding.
Pour this in to a bowl and add wheat flour, just enough to get a thick batter. It should be thicker than idly batter and slightly thinner than chappathy dough. Add sugar, according to your need. A pinch of salt. A pinch or two of soda bicarbonate. Add some chopped coconuts too. Mix well. Keep it aside
Heat oil, and spoon this batter in to hot oil and deep fry. Reduce the heat and cook in medium heat so the inside will be cooked too. When they get a golden brown color take it out. One good thing about this snack is, it doesn’t drink too much oil. An easy snack for evening tea.


Bharathy. said...

You wont believe,this pazhacake was my favourite...when i was a child...forgot all about it..Used to buy from the chayakkada near my house...they call it Godambu unda,Adding poovan pazham of course,it tastes like unniappam..Will DEFFFFFFFFF make a try...Thanx LOOOOOT..

Meera's Blog said...

:)its a 100% 'nadan' snack,isnt it?:)
your location says tamil nadu.have you been to kerala?:)i like tamil movies and son watched 'avvai shanmunghi' for the 4th time yesterday<:(

bee said...

i have overripe bananas. need to make this.

Meera's Blog said...

you are not using the platain bananas,right?use the regular ones we get here.hope it comes good:)

Reena said...

beensy, it sounds like unniappam. is it not? your pictures and recipes are so yum.

Meera's Blog said...
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Meera's Blog said...

ys reenie:)it does sounds like unniyappam,except this is wheat and the batter is not as watery as unniyappam,i guess.

Subroto Ghosh said...

I love this recipe ! Reminds me of you making soap at home, Mom.
And it's fun to see photos of your house there and see
Dad in that comfy chair we sat in when we visited,
attempting to use the slow internet :)

I can't wait to hear how the soap turned out in terms
of using it. Does it smell different since it is made with
animal fat? Any other differences from vegetable-based soap?

Love you!