Monday, April 30, 2007

Gothambuputtu/Wheat cake?

Our all time favorite dinner is this-gothambuputtu.what can we call in English? Wheat cake? Hmmm
Anytime if I give a choice to the guys for dinner they wouldn’t even listen to the menu ;) they will say-putt. It’s always gothambuputt. Well it’s easy for me since the left over curries from lunch will go easily with that, along with a ripe banana. For son, all he needs with this is pappadam and a glass of milk.

Take wheat flour and sprinkle warm water mixed with salt. Try to make crumbs out of this with your fingers. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure or else instead of crumbs you would end up with dough! Once it’s evenly wet with not many big lumps its ready. You don’t need too much water. Sprinkle whenever you need.

If you have a puttkutti to make that’s awesome or you can make this in an idly maker. If you are using idly cooker after you spread this crumbs on the plate, sprinkle grated fresh coconut generously on top or if its puttkutti, at the bottom and in between and top. Let the steam come out for about 2 minutes and its readyJhave it hot with kadala curry, potato stew or potato masala or payar thoran/mezhukupuratti or even sambarJnot the watery sambar, thick sambar.
Since I took the picture at night the flash made this picture whiter instead of the light brown color!


Ayesha Seerin said...

Last week i tried to make rice puttu .. the result was a disaster ... I should give this a try

Meera's Blog said...

ayesha,the easiest is rice putt:)

Reena said...

beensy, you talk as if puttu is the easiest thing on earth. all the malayalis talk like that:(:(. am i the only one who thinks it is TOUGH very tough:(:(.

btw I don't know if you checked. Indira posted all the entries of JFI event. Check

bee said...

thanks for this recipe, hun. i miss puttu so much.

Meera's Blog said...

hey reenie,thanks:)

bee,i can pack some and send u:)