Saturday, April 21, 2007



Boil 2 and a half cup of water. Add a few drops of oil. And salt. Once it boils add two cups of rice flour. You might want to add more hot water if the flour is really dry. The dough shouldn’t be watery.
Heat water in idly cooker. Oil idly plate, and seva nazhi. Put the dough inside seva nazhi and press it on to the plate. Sprinkle fresh coconut. Then steam cook it. Wait for about 5 minutes before you can take it out. Let it cool for a few minutes before turning it on to a plate.
I love this. I make this for dinner along with potato stew or kadala curry. My son have this with sugarJ


Latha said...

Wow lots of recipes and activity Beens! The iddiyappam looks yummy! It looks soft and fluffy. Wish i could eat some now :-)

Meera's Blog said...

iam e -sending some now:)

Reena said...

lovely idiappam. we have it with egg roast.

Ayesha Seerin said...

I can imagine the hardships of pressing the dough .. Great work ..

meera said...

actualy ayesha,with the new seva nazhi,its easy:)all you need to do is keep on turning a handle on top:)otherwise i will never make it.