Monday, April 16, 2007

My cooking style:)

I dont do certain 'must do it' things in my cooking:).If iam making payasam for my home,i dont bother to fry cashew and kissmiss and cardomom etc.I think its a lot of effort to do it:)Even without that it comes out good;)Atleast for me!!But if iam making it for guests i try to do it properly.Some times i feel even the smallest things are very hard tasks!! When i see a recipe,if i find a name that i dont know,i would never try that.I would feel its going to be hard.
Oh by the way ,same goes with my baking too!! I hate to add vanilla essence!!I think opening that small bottle is the hardest thing to do!!So i dont.
Another thing i dont like to do - season curries properly.I feel lazy when i think about doing it.If i have to season it,i need shallots,and curry leaves whenever i need.But the problem here is,i dont get both these things often.So i stopped using them altogether .Only if there are any guests i would go out of my way to buy them,search for them in all the stores around.So i use only mustard and red pepper.These two had no scarcity so far:)So you may never find curry leaves in most of my pics here:).There are people who believe making a curry is incomplete without curry leaves in it:)Like my mother.She cannot season a single thing without a handful of curry leaves.She would go and pick on my small plants!!I have 3 pots of curry leaves,but not big enough to start plucking.But even she got used to my no curry leaves curries;)She likes it.

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