Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jasmine and Aralipoo

Even if there are only one or two mullappo sometimes, it smells sooo good .Especially at night .


Reena said...

beensy, isn't that jasmine pot back home? do you have lots of flowers now? i can imagine how the home smells even when there is one jasmine. beautiful!!!

my aunt's house had white and pink oleander (arali) but later they cut it down :(

Meera's Blog said...

ys reenie,its back sis has a jasmine here that has full of flowers in summer time that she said she even makes garlands for fun!
oh they cut arali?we were hoping the plant wont die when we planted it.we also planted 'chempakam'last time.u know the one u can see all over museum back there?:)

trupti said...

That is a beautiful place for your plant....very pretty.
Must be so relaxing to sit there, I bet.


Meera's Blog said...

ys trupti:)its really relaxing there,especialy at night.
thanks for visiting:)