Sunday, April 1, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things:)

These are a few of my favourite things..
Its raining here.Its good to see the rain and the fresh clean look outside.But somehow it lacks a beauty that we see in our KALAVARSHAM/MONSOON in Kerala.Its wonderful,its so so so beautiful.Seeing rain is nostalgic for me.
I remember getting up early mornings listening to the sounds of rain,when we were at home back in kerala.We were going to celebrate Onam a week earlier:)The night before ,Boss's cousin and me were preparing flowers to make POOKALAM the next day.We were seperating the petals the whole night.Now what i saw in the morning was the petals floating in the water in the naduthalam.i just sat nearby and watched. It was still dark,even though it was almost 6 am.nobody was awake other than me and his mami in the kichen starting the day.I was hoping for the rain to stop,only then we can make the POOKALAM!! I went out and sat on the cane chair,in the verandah.all the plants are soaked in water but looking so green.As i was watching,the rain slowly came to an end. I saw his cousin coming.We both decided to start the work.He is a good artist.He drew a beautiful outline.It took almost 2 hours by the time we finished it.It was the first time i made one and it was very very beautiful.


Eapen said...

Hello "Meera",
I just thought I will look up on the internet for Nisagandhi Flower, since after 4 years of growth, my pland bloomed with 3 beaqutiful flowers. I was attracted by your website here. Great Job!!!!!
My flowers looked so great with elegant fragrance, we stayed up to watch the process and took pictures.
I tried to post the photos, but could't. May be later.
Your site reminded me of growing up in Kerala and enjoying all the home can offer........!!
back in US now, dreaming of those past days...!!

meera said...

thanks for visiting this site.hope you were able to post the pics.i tried to visit your site but it didnt let me in:)