Sunday, April 29, 2007

Meencurry/Fish curry

When I talk about fish curry what comes in to my mind is a movie! Doordarshan used to broadcast other language movies every Sunday sometime back .One of the movies was Mudal Maryadai. Sivaji and Radha was the main characters I think.. It was a beautiful movie. In that, there is a scene where radha brining MEENKOLAMBU to sivaji and he is eating, that. When I saw that, I felt my mouth watering. I don’t now what meenkolambu is, I think it must be the Tamil name for meen curry. But somehow the way he was eating that and the name meen kolambu, made a lasting image in my mind. I wish I would get meenkolambu someday.

This is the picture of meencurry I made .I used to make it watery all the time. But my mother makes it with very little gravy. She says it’s a curry that you need to just dip the finger tip and eat rice. It will be that hot. I learned from her and made this one day. It turned out real good. She doesn’t put coriander powder at all. Only chili powder, turmeric, shallots, ginger and garlic, fenugreek seeds, kudam puli, curry leaves, green chili and salt.
I made this with salmon. Salmon has this fishy taste that my husband just doesn’t like. Fish has fishy taste!!!(Like mathy/chala taste) Anyway, I tried a different way to cook salmon and it took away all that fishy taste out! What I do is, while the curry is in the stove, I would fry the salmon pieces lightly in little oil. Not too much, just till it changes the color, then I will put the pieces in the gravy.


bee said...

hey gal, you've been cooking some yummy stuff. i want to try the plantain fritters and kozhukatta.

Meera's Blog said...

send me some:)

Ayesha Seerin said...

I remember that scene from MM .. :-) ... Meen curry looks gr8

Meera's Blog said...

u do rembr that?:)i wanted to see that movie again:)

Reena said...

beens, your curry looks yum. i think meen kuzhamb is meen curry. now i am imagining sivaji ganesan overacting with that fish curry:)):)):))in his loud voice.

you know we call red fish curry (kottayam curry) as christian fish curry at home and my friends call the coconut fish curry as nair fish curry:)):)). a close friend(from kottayam) of my mom taught her red fish curry and my mom taught my MIL:). i will post one soon.

did i say you should change your blog name to foods of kerala. I LOVE YOUR RECIPES.

Meera's Blog said...

just like tvm ,varkala people (atleast some i know)also use coconut for fish curry.but both of them are totally different.i think they fry the powders or coconut.his paternal side ammoomma, was the best to make it,acc to him:).
changing the name?;)hehe wish i had the confidence for that:)